Defiance City schools roundabout

Beilharz contracted DGL, on behalf of Defiance City Schools, to develop plans for the proposed roundabout at their new Middle/High School Campus. A study at the preliminary stages of planning for the new school facility indicated that at roundabout would be a favorable solution.

The project consists of detailed design for the modern, single-lane roundabout at the intersection of Palmer/Woodhurst and school access drive. The new access drive, also designed as part of this project, will act as a main point of entry for the campus. To minimize the right-of-way impact to neighboring residents along Woodhurst, the roundabout is designed to be offset - toward the school. School bus and truck templates were provided to the City of Defiance to demonstrate the ability of these vehicles to successfully maneuver through the roundabout. Other primary design elements include:

·  Concrete pavement, selected due to the proximity of a nearby concrete plant
·  Curb and gutter, stamped concrete splitter islands and center truck apron
·  Sidewalk and ADA accessibility improvements
·  Drainage improvements and water quality design
·  Pavement markings and signage
·  Lighting design
·  Right-of-way acquisition assistance
·  Coordination with the Middle/High School project