Our traffic and safety team believe efficient movement of people and goods is essential to public safety! We have extensive experience in a multitude of traffic control / operations software packages such as: Sidra; PetraPro; TraxPro; Highway Capacity Software (HCS); SignCad; Synchro; Sim Traffic; Vissim; Tru-Traffic and PC Warrants. We also collect video traffic counts utilizing Miovision. Our services include the following:

City of Oregon, traffic engineering studies
  • Traffic Engineering, Operations and Maintenance
  • Data Collection (Hose, Turn, Video Counts)
  • Data Analysis (HCS, Sidra, Signal Warrants, Synchro, Vissim)
  • Safety Studies
  • Impact Studies
  • Parking Facilities
  • Site Planning, Development and Logistics
  • Sign Placement Analysis
  • Signal Design and Timing
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Grant Writing