DGL has been a quality engineering firm to be associated with over the past several years. From the high quality of their plans and specs through the actual construction process has been top-notch. Their attention to detail during the engineering phase makes for a smooth-running project.
— Bob Geddis | President, Geddis Paving & Excavating

I am thrilled with this surface. There is not a single crack. It is flat, smooth and FAST, as close to perfect as possible. Along with Las Vegas, we are one of the top two surfaces in the country and are having the best side by side racing we have ever had. I could not be happier with it.
— Bill Bader, Jr. | President and CEO, Summit Motorsports Park

All the control at the Summit Motorsport site checked out really well, as did all the tie in points and peripheral benchmarks. Kudos to you and your crew.
— Randy Hott | Miller Bros Const Inc

Black Swamp Conservancy has worked with DGL on several surveying projects, and before that, with surveyor Pete Segaard at his previous firm. In our experience, DGL has been responsive, easy to work with and has delivered high quality work at a competitive price.
— Rob Krain | Director, Black Swamp Conservancy

DGL has provided inspection services on 2 of our LPA Projects in the last 5 years. Both inspectors were well qualified and kept excellent records. While performing final document closeout and audit with ODOT, every document requested was found quickly with all supporting documentation in place. The Project Manager Ahmed Hamid kept us informed not only of contractor schedule and quantities but also of their internal project budget vs. expenses. I will surely use DGL on future projects when the opportunity arises.
— Joe Camp | City of Maumee Service Director

Thank you for your assistance with the project. We have received numerous compliments on the site from employees, clients, and neighbors and are very satisfied with the end product.
— Adam J. Nutt | Director of Business Development, Zepf Center

Matt Myers is an RPR rockstar. He is everywhere at once, and solves little problems before they become gigantic. His reports are thorough, concise and readable. He works well as part of the owner contractor team and has a well rounded grasp of the realities of the construction day.
— Doug Dariano | City of Perrysburg Engineer

I confidently recommend DGL for civil and transportation engineering related projects. Miller Bros. has enjoyed a long standing and reliable relationship with DGL which includes projects such as site, road, parking lot, construction layout, as well as construction support services. Their reputation and our past experience is why we sought them out as our design partner for our current I-75 design/build widening project. The success of any project depends in large measure on the team assembled and their ability to communicate and work collaboratively. DGL manages their portion of projects exceptionally well and are always prepared to proactively identify options and solutions to challenges that arise. DGL’s service to Miller Bros. is excellent and their contribution to the design/build team is commendable. Their blend of professional competence and communication is a trait we find unique.
— Bradley D. Miller, PE | President, Miller Bros Const Inc

DGL performed a vast array of services on the project [Hollywood Casino Toledo] including surveying, site/civil and off-site traffic and utilities engineering. In addition, DGL served a consistent and effective role coordinating work among the many constituents on the project. This was particularly evident in the case of off-site traffic work. DGL proved time and again to be an effective local advocate for the project, not only with key regulatory agencies but communicating progress and upcoming work to local area residents affected by construction activities. DGL’s efforts were instrumental in our ability to complete critical traffic improvements in time to support the casino opening.
— John R. Rauen | Vice President, Development

Their [DGL’s] studies performed are the most highly regarded traffic consulting reports in our region and well received by government leaders.
— Robert P. Mack | Signature Associates

Following submission today of the package to Fulton County, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank each of you for all of your efforts to date on our Delta project [Nature Fresh Farms]. I spoke to Jonathan & Heide this afternoon to thank each of them for their efforts & Heide confirmed the importance of our partnership with DGL. Your assistance with site plan & storm water, as well as your ongoing work with ODOT in light of local challenges has proven invaluable to our expansion. We look forward to a continued mutually beneficial working relationship with DGL.
— Dave Brister | Business Development, South Essex Fabricating Inc.

Their team is focused and task oriented. By providing details and options, we were able to meet all milestones. The timing of all projects had to correspond with The University of Toledo’s summer break, as well as parking lot openings for fall semester. DGL also provided valuable input and leadership to keep the projects within the required budget.
— Doug Collins | Director of Facilities & Construction, The University of Toledo