DGL provided construction phase services for this ODOT / FHWA funded LPA project (SAN-20-3.00; Construction Phase) in Woodville, Ohio. The construction plans, prepared by others, called for new decorative lighting, electrical circuitry, geometric design for parking enhancements, colored stamped concrete, plantings, handicap ramps and other features in the downtown area. DGL provided field inspection, contract administration, and supervised its consultant for construction testing services. Subsequent to plan approval, ODOT allowed the Village to install mast arm type signal supports at the Walnut / Main Street intersection. In cooperation with the electrical subcontractor, DGL facilitated this new work item and prepared a warrant analysis for ODOT review. DGL was attentive in reviewing and correcting the original plan drawings to safeguard the Village’s best interests. The firm’s field engineer meticulously reviewed the contractor’s as-built quantities and, because this was a unit price contract, saved the Village considerable cost through his diligence.