The City of Fremont has been making extensive efforts to revitalize its current roadways to accommodate the increasing pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The North Coast Inland Trail is an on-going project, that when complete, will be 105 miles stretching from Lorain to Toledo. This project begins at the end of the existing North Coast Inland Trail along the Sandusky River and follows Hayes Avenue to the west approximately 300 feet. The 10 foot wide multi-use path then crosses Hayes, and continues north through the Swartzlander-Rotary Park to Avis Street, for a total of 900 feet. At Avis Street, the independent multi-use path becomes an on-street bike lane and eventually at Birchard Avenue, an on-street shared use path. This shared use path then connects to the existing bike lanes that run north and south along Front Street. With the addition of this multi-use path and bike path, pedestrians and bicyclists have a direct path from the downtown shops and restaurants to the Sandusky River and the North Coast Inland Trail.