DGL is helping the Metroparks bring additional recreation to the Toledo area. Metroparks Toledo has plans to construct an approximately 0.6-mile multi-purpose asphalt trail at the perimeter of the Blue Creek Athletic Fields.  The trail will be constructed on Metroparks property and run along Stiles Road and Providence Street, connecting the parking area at the southeast corner of the property to the existing trail at the northwest corner. There are also plans to construct an approximately 1.8-mile all-purpose trail connecting Wiregrass Metropark to Secor Metropark.  Multiple sections of the path will pass through wetlands and must be converted to a raised boardwalk; totaling approximately 900 feet. At the Historic Fort Miamis, two observation/overlook decks will be installed, an existing steel sheet pile seawall will be removed and a new one will be constructed and an ADA compliant crushed aggregate path will connect the public sidewalk at River Road to the new deck. Learn more about our projects with the Metroparks here.