During the Northwest Ohio 2014 construction season, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has 12 active construction projects on the metro Toledo interstate system (Interstates 75/475 and 280). This includes the 32-mile widening project work zone on Interstate 75 in Wood and Hancock Counties. The projects, an investment of over $400 Million, will improve the safety, condition and capacity of the metro Toledo interstate system.

ODOT District Two engaged the services of DGL to manage the Public Relations/Communications consultant in their Communications General Services Agreement. The team’s approach involves a messaging campaign built with a focus on safety, details that allow travelers to minimize frustration (work zone details, travel and delay times, alternate routes and transportation options), and a clear understanding of the end benefit to travelers, residents and businesses that may be affected. The emphasis on safety, specifically distracted driving in construction zones, includes communications via billboards and an online video campaign “Respect the Road and It’s Workers.” These videos use amusing messages for the traveling public in an effort to raise awareness of the road worker’s perspective. District Two Deputy Director Todd Audet commented, “It reminds you to think twice about driving distracted, all of our lives depend on it”.