The SRTS program serves to increase the number of walkers and bikers for K-8 students. The State of Ohio began the program in 2007 and will spend over 20 million dollars on school travel plans, infrastructure improvements and non-infrastructure programs.

DGL was one of three consultants hired by the Ohio Department of Transportation for their 2007-2009 Statewide Safe Routes to School Program. DGL was assigned to ODOT Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8. In all, DGL completed engineering assignments for 31 school districts in this program. The school districts included Anna, Antwerp, Arcadia, Colerain Township, Elyria City, Elyria Township, Green, Hamilton, Hicksville, Marion Local, Napoleon, New Madison, Perrysburg, Pettisville, Swanton, Urbana, Van Buren, Vermilion, Wapakoneta and Wilmington.

DGL worked with local SRTS task forces to determine barriers to active transportation and find sound engineering solutions to create safer paths to school. DGL also worked with several school districts outside of the ODOT program to prepare School Travel Plans in preparation for the infrastructure application process. DGL has successfully prepared applications for infrastructure and School Travel Plan funding.