DGL was selected for the St. Joseph (St. Joe’s) Catholic School reconstruction of their existing 33,000 SF parking lot. The lot had developed major cracking as well as several other areas showing significant signs of sub-base failure. This parking lot was also experiencing water seeping from the pavement cracks even during dry times which continued to reduce the health of the pavement. The lot is not only used for parking but has areas used for basketball and other outside school activities meaning safety was an increasing concern.

To meet on-site storm water detention and quality requirements, two major items were included: 1) the lot was re-graded to ensure storm water run-off from the site stayed on the lot vs. flowing directly to the City’s storm sewer; 2) use of underground storm water chambers was incorporated as the school didn’t have the space for a traditional above ground detention area unless they eliminated parking spaces and the playground…neither of which was an option.

The parking lot sits approximately four (4) feet below the sidewalk that serves the school as well as the church. To make the transition safer and accessible, DGL also provided the structural design and detailing for two new switch back ADA ramps.