DGL Consulting Engineers, LLC participated alongside one of the most enriching non-profit organizations in our area, Sunshine Communities. Sunshine supports 400+ men, women and children with developmental disabilities, offering residential, vocational and clinical support as well as therapeutic and recreational programs right here in Northwest Ohio. As part of Sunshine’s mission, they strive to “strengthen our community by serving the underserved.” DGL was proud to have the opportunity to help give back to an organization that gives so much for the well-being of others.

For over 20 years, Sunshine’s original boardwalk, in part provided by Pi Kappa Phi, provided access to the picturesque backyard of the community’s 25-acre campus. Unfortunately, the boardwalk was washed out in 2015 by a large storm, which prohibited residents, families, volunteers and staff from experiencing all the campus has to offer. Upon hearing of the potential project, DGL quickly co-developed a plan of action to rebuild a new boardwalk…a Sunshine sanctuary if you will.

DGL’s team performed the site survey, site work, structural design and construction staking, at cost. The boardwalk was designed and constructed with residents and their families in mind: it’s wheelchair accessible and allows ample space for residents who are supported by staff, which was difficult with the previous boardwalk. Equally important, our team was committed to designing a boardwalk that also welcomed and embraced Sunshine’s nature goers. A boardwalk that provided a sense of place within the outdoors, one that increased feelings of happiness and health…truly, a sanctuary at Sunshine.

Volunteer Coordinator, Lori Richard, said nearly 290 volunteers representing 14 organizations, included local companies, businesses, school and youth groups, firefighters and technology and construction firms stepped forward with nearly 2,300 volunteer hours for this project. DGL committed to volunteering over 100 volunteer hours in addition to our design time.