The City of Sylvania maintains over 73.5 miles of streets and bridges and resurfaces 4-5 miles of roadway every year. DGL assisted the City with surveying and engineering for the reconstruction on Main Street. Our services included survey, right of way and performing engineering of the replacement of storm sewers, pavement, curbs, decorative light poles and traffic signals within a four-phase project. The project included full-depth pavement reconstruction, commercial driveway apron replacements, sidewalk widening, ADA ramp replacements which included two new ramps, storm sewer replacement, pavement marking and signage upgrade, vehicular signal head replacement, full pedestrian signal upgrade, decorative light pole replacement, decorative crosswalks and bridge deck irrigation.

DGL also worked with the City to complete the project quickly and scheduled the work to minimize school impacts and address the transportation needs related to the Marathon Golf Classic. In fact, two-way traffic resumed to accommodate all traffic generated by the Marathon Classic.