DGL has been awarded a general services agreement with the City of Oregon since 2008. Tasks are primarily traffic in nature, but have included structural, roadway, right of way and plan preparation assistance. Under the contract, DGL assisted with Navarre (I-280 to Isaac Streets Drive) Safety Study and Application ($2.3 million awarded for improvements). We also reviewed of four intersections for four way stop traffic control; performed a Navarre/Wynn Left turn Phasing study; evaluated a new Toledo Refining Driveway on Wheeling; studied Coy from Navarre to Dustin to determine project limits for a TMACOG Transportation Improvement Project (TIP); designed Dustin and Isaac Streets preliminary roundabout based on available right of way and site constraints; reviewed a Super Load request on the Millard Avenue Bridge over the CSX Railroad; assisted with engineering and plan preparation for Otter Creek Rd Reconstruction (an ARRA project); as well as Easement descriptions for sidewalk installation at various locations. The most recent assignments include upgrading the signal at SR 51 (Woodville) and Pickle, a structural evaluation of the North Bridge at the Water Treatment Plant and curve evaluation for Munding/Isaac Streets Drive and an All Way Stop Study at Starr/Lallendorf and Lallendorf/Pickle.