DGL was contracted by Secor Executive, LLC to conduct a Traffic Impact Study for a planned development under construction in Toledo. Secor Executive was constructing a new development along the east side of Secor Road. The development featured 68,468 SF of retail buildings, including Whole Foods 365 Market scheduled to occupy 30,002 square feet of the planned development. Other development users include restaurants, specialty retail stores and a health-fitness club. The development is located at the northeast quadrant of the Secor Road/Executive Parkway intersection. Our analysis was performed in accordance with ODOT and City of Toledo requirements. Traffic volume counts were collected to obtain current traffic volumes for intersections adjacent to and near the proposed development. Projected traffic was established using both Established Trip Generation and ITE Trip Generation rates to estimate the vehicular volume generated by the development of vacant parcels.  The existing and projected traffic volumes were combined, and the results were used to perform this analysis. We found the addition of the planned development traffic would have an impact on Secor Road and its intersections. Future traffic predictions showed increasing delays in the six studied intersections even without the proposed development. Improvements were recommended for the Secor & Executive Parkway intersection to mitigate the traffic generated by the development.