20 In 17 Recap...


This past January, DGL kicked off our ‘GIVING 20 IN 17’ Campaign. Giving back to our community is something that has always been important to our firm, but this year we wanted to make a conscious effort to make a difference. We set a specific target to complete 20 activities in 2017. We developed a campaign around it to inspire others to give back and to recognize receiving organizations, as well as our employees who so generously volunteer their time to support others. Our goal was to be more connected and motivated than ever to make a difference. This campaign encouraged and provided all employees with the opportunity to give back in different ways. Some events ranged from volunteering our time, design work and manpower to local nonprofit organizations. We also presented at local colleges and schools. We believe that a large part of giving back includes focusing on youth. This past year we were fortunate to co-chair the local 2017 ENGINEER FOR A DAY program with numerous schools and companies. This is a helpful “see for themselves” approach toward an engineering education and career. In addition, two of our lead female engineers were able to work with local young women to help empower and educate students, as well as offering options about engineering careers.

Moving forward with this company wide interactive program, we want to encourage all employees to offer suggestions regarding events and causes that are important to them individually. The firm is committed to better serve our community and become more involved and supportive of each other’s interests. We are thrilled with our experiences this past year and are looking forward to making a difference as we enter 2018.

Giving 20 In 17 has helped unite our employees. We feel passionate about helping one another, giving back to our local community and youth. For more information on how you can be a part of this movement, please email Traci Hernandez, our Marketing and Business Development Director, at thernandez@dgl.com or call 419.535.1015.