Anthony Wayne Trail Gateway Project

The Dedication of the Anthony Wayne Trail Gateway Project was on Thursday, October 18th. DGL’s Laurie Adams attended the celebration of the recently completed project at the intersection of the Anthony Wayne Trail, Erie Street and Lafayette Street in downtown Toledo. The entrance into downtown was redesigned to become more pedestrian and vehicle friendly, as well as an improved gateway to the downtown area. Working with the AECOM team, DGL was responsible for the traffic analysis of this project. Another important element in the redesign was this Toledo-themed steel and glass centerpiece to demonstrate not only Toledo’s commitment to public art but also its manufacturing heart. The art sculpture is made of steel and glass. The glass pieces each depict a part of Toledo’s history, which include bottles, spark plugs, Jeeps and scales.

The sculpture is part of a multi-million-dollar project to improve the busy corridor into downtown Toledo. The improvements included a new road, changing Lafayette into a two-way street and re-configuring the entrance into downtown from the Anthony Wayne Trail. DGL is proud to be a part of it!