DGL Speaking Engagements: Re-timing Corridors and Increasing Capacity & Mobility with a DDI

DGL’s Managing Principal, Laurie Adams, PE, PTOE, PTP and Senior Transportation Engineer, Amy Zimmerman, PE will present at the 2018 Ohio Transportation Planning Conference on July 17th at the Hyatt Regency Columbus: Event Schedule.

Tuesday, July 17th | 10:30am - noon
Session 1-D
| Alternative Ways to Manage Congestion

Laurie Adams, PE, PTOE, PTP Managing Principal

Laurie Adams, PE, PTOE, PTP
Managing Principal

The Re-Timing Congested Corridors...Increasing Capacity & Safety with Less Costs, focuses on re-timing for safer and easier travel with minimal investment. Congestion is often a symptom of success - more retail, residential, industry - for a particular area. Balancing the need for faster speeds with the need to live, shop and work is a major challenge in most urban areas. Attempts to accommodate through traffic by widening streets can destroy the surrounding value of a neighborhood. Re-timing congested corridors can provide safer and easier travel, often without major improvements.

Laurie will discuss re-timing congested corridors in many locations on Ohio's priority lists. In most cases, the re-timing efforts have led to a reduction in crashes, a reduction in crash severity, and increased travel times with a small financial investment. These results are in line with Strategic Highway Safety.

Tuesday, July 17th | 1:30pm – 3:00pm
Session 2-B
| Quantum Shifts in Mobility & Safety | Traffic Planning and Current Practices with Roundabouts and Diverging Diamond Interchanges (DDI)

Amy Zimmerman, PE Senior Transportation Engineer

Amy Zimmerman, PE
Senior Transportation Engineer

DGL’s Award Winning DDI design at I-475/SR 25 has significantly increased capacity and mobility. The City of Perrysburg experienced significant growth at and near the interchange at SR-25 and IR-475 which resulted in consistent back-up, traffic congestion, increased accidents and more. The City identified this problem area as a top priority and worked closely with ODOT to determine a plan to address and alleviate these ongoing issues. ODOT hired DGL to design the DDI to significantly improve the area.

Amy will highlight the scope, DDI benefits, as well as the anticipated and realized results. The DDI opened in the fall of 2017 and the impact has been considerable –increasing both mobility and safer travel in addition to numerous other benefits!