DGL at Camp Wildcats: Full STEAM Ahead!

Making a difference in our communities is embedded in DGL’s culture. We are very involved in STEM outreach and are regularly asked to present at numerous schools and clubs. Today, we had the PRIVILEGE of working with students at CAMP WILDCATS in Woodville, Ohio. CAMP WILDCATS is a day camp held for a week each summer that supports and accommodates Woodmore District students who have Individual Development Plans (IEPs) / special needs. Camper activities are designed to be FUN, educational, promote team cooperation skills and feelings of acceptance. The 2019 camp theme, FULL STEAM AHEAD, focuses on STEM/STEAM experiences. DGL team members discussed why they chose a career in engineering and helped the campers build gum drop bridges and LEGO towers. We met many future engineers and see a bright future for these students!