DGL – 85 Years and Still Going Strong!

While many engineering firms can claim a history that spans decades, very few can assert to surviving for 85 years. Yet, DGL marks that very milestone in 2012. And not just ‘surviving’, as noted by Steve Way. “The energy of DGL is soaring to new heights!” states the Managing Principal. “Not only is our firm celebrating our 85th anniversary this year, we have unveiled a new website that features our employee-friendly atmosphere as well as our recent work - some of which are the largest projects we have ever undertaken. In addition, there are several other exciting initiatives that we are embarking upon.” While not ready to reveal what those plans are, Mr. Way promises that clients will be the ones who will benefit from them. “I encourage our clients to join the email list, located at the bottom of our website. If you do, you will be one of the first to hear about the new programs we have in store.”