RJ Lumbrezer, DGL Survey Manager, featured in the Ohio Township News


DGL’s Survey Manager, R.J. Lumbrezer, PS, is a feature profile of the Ohio Township News September/October 2014 Publication! The article, showcases his dedication to his family, community and his profession. Article preview: FAITH, CORE VALUES MOTIVATOR IN ALL WALKS OF LIFE

RJ Lumbrezer is in his fourth term as trustee for Royalton Township (Fulton County), where he was raised, and continues to be a vital supporter of the community. RJ said his parents have been the biggest influence in his life. “They taught me the value of family, faith and hard work,” he said. These attributes embody RJ.

He is a licensed surveyor with DGL Consulting Engineers, LLC. He previously worked as a surveyor for Fulton County, where he helped the township trustees with proposed projects. This was his first venture in the township realm. He said his career overlaps with his role as a trustee, particularly his knowledge of roadways and drainage.

RJ is motivated by helping protect the rural and more conservative form of government – townships. Along these lines, he said one of his biggest accomplishments was helping lead the fight against an area city that attempted to consolidate four townships. He said the most challenging thing about serving at the township level is funding. “Funding, especially for more rural townships, is almost impossible to attain,” he said. He also said it can be trying at times to explain township services to the public. For those thinking about getting more involved in local government, RJ finds it important to be involved in your community. He said education is key as well.

When he’s not working, RJ is busy attending and/or coaching basketball, baseball and volleyball games. His wife and five children keep him on the go! When asked what he hopes is different for his children and grandchildren, he said, “I hope people rediscover a need for faith in God and personal responsibility.”

If he could have dinner with anyone, he said it would be Ronald Reagan. “He was a tremendous and charismatic leader… we need that again.”