Oregon Awarded Funds for Road Improvements

The City of Oregon was recently notified that it will receive funding to improve Navarre Avenue, from I-280 to Isaac Streets Drive. The Safety Program Committee of the Ohio Department of Transpor­tation sent a letter to the City stating that its application for the construction of various enhancements along Navarre and at the junctures of Dearborn, Munding, Wheeling, and Isaac Streets has been approved for funding. The City, with the assistance of DGL Consulting Engineers, submitted the request for funding to ODOT to reduce the incidence of traffic accidents along the heavily traveled road.

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Time Ticking By for Municipalities Required to Comply with Changes to Federal & State MUTCD

Whether or not you are aware of it, significant modifications have been made to standards and requirements for traffic signals in both the Federal and Ohio Manuals on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). While many of the changes do not include compliance dates, two sections that do contain target dates are worthy of the attention of every municipality. Updates to the Yellow Change, Red Clearance and Pedestrian Intervals require compliance within five years of the revision date (June 13, 2012) or when timing adjustments are made, whichever occurs first. While this five year window may seem large, some of the upgrades will require long-term planning, particularly in areas where the volume of traffic and the number of pedestrians are at high levels.

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Construction on Busy Road Causes Drivers to See… Orange

There are some things that can be counted on every spring: the appearance of robins, budding trees, tulips and daffodils. And, oh yes - those oh-so-familiar orange barrels that pop up every spring and seem not to disappear again until the beginning of the following winter.

As frustrating as it can be to sit in traffic waiting your turn to proceed through the road construction, have you ever wondered how complicated these projects might be? What does it take to coordinate the improvement of our infrastructure so that, once construction is completed, traffic runs smoothly?

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