DGL Employee Obtains Traffic Engineering Certification

DGL Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce that Barb Jones has obtained her Professional Traffic Operations Engineer Certification (PTOE). Certification as a PTOE is a strong demonstration of the knowledge, skill and ability required in traffic operations engineering. It is administered by the Transportation Professional Certification Board Inc. (TPCB), an autonomous certification body that is affiliated with the Institute of Transportation Engineers. According to the TPCB, there are just 2,662 certified professionals as of this past December. The certification process requires that the holder be a licensed professional engineer. It builds on, and supports, the practice of profes­sional engineering registration, covering such areas as Traffic Engineering Studies, including the assessment of long- and short-range traffic impacts; Traffic Operations Analysis, which encompasses traffic flow concepts, freeway operations, site impact analysis, and intersection operations; Traffic Safety; the Operational Effects of Geometric Design, including intersection configurations; and Traffic Control Devices.

Barb’s certification as a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer reinforces DGL’s expertise in traffic engineering. DGL is proud of Barb’s achievement and look forward to her continued involvement and leadership in serving clients who require these services.